Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Putting things back together.

Next couple of weeks after the haulout were spent cleaning and putting everything back together inside the boat. The forepeak deck had to be rebuilt, with a bigger hatch to access the bow thruster hydraulic equipment:

Boxed in some ballast:

Went with the same industrial tile flooring in the forpeak as before- it seems to hold up pretty well.


  1. How did you go about sizing the bow thruster and related parts? Motor, Directional Valve, etc? Did that come direct from ABT?

  2. Most bow thruster manufacturers provide charts that show required size for various wind conditions based on the windage and size of the boat. We started with the recommended size, and went to the higher end of the range to allow for the heavy displacement and full keel on our boat.
    We have not had an opportunity to use the thruster in windy conditions yet, but it seems plenty powerful and moves the bow around easily. Arcturus did the calcs to determine what size pump we would need for the PTO on the engine, and what size hyd motor would match that, and provide the right speed at the props. They also did some nice system diagrams as part of the package. Getting the pressure and flow rate we needed at idle engine speed was the biggest challenge (both financially and engineering-wise). Once pressure and flow rate for the system was determined for the system, the rest of the components were just matched to that. -PB