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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Quick update

Just a quick update with some pics from last week. We completed fabrication of the four stainless hinge bases that will be welded to the hull to attach the down rigger poles and the forward support struts for the poles. The base plates are 1/4" stainless so we had to tack them down to some heavier plate to keep them from warping during welding. I found some 3/4" steel rounds that worked well for this. The heat from welding made the side plates want to warp as well. I had to use some threaded rod and bolts to get the assembly straight and square. In the end these came out nice and true, and the hinges operate smoothly with the Teflon washers in place.  We also jigged up the crows nest and tacked the basic structure together. After the holidays, we'll weld up the mast sections and start assembling the mast, cross trees, crows nest, etc. down rigger pole fittings and pad eyes are also ready to be welded up.