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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Engine room workbench, aft cabin ceiling nailers, and some other stuff...

Had a productive week on the boat... Lots of pictures so I'll keep the text short. started on partitions and house battery foundations in the passageway. Put up the curved nailers for the overhead in the aft cabin. I'm trying to get the aft cabin rough carpentry completed so we can build the bed platform and install the mattress. It'll be much easier to install the mattress now before we start closing up the passageway ceiling. Also built and installed the engine room workbench. Came out pretty nice I think. Now I can start installing the water heater, pumps, electrical, etc. in the engine room as much of this equipment is mounted under or attached to the workbench framing. All the aluminum angles and hardware for the workbench framework came from the Coast Guard navigation light platforms that I salvaged for our engine room diamond plate decking. Definitely a good score there...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Engine room insulation finished

Engine room is basically finished as far as insulation and covering. We have 1/2" Armaflex sheet covered with 2" rigid mineral wool board and faced with aluminum jacket material. Came out pretty nice looking and should be bright and easy to clean. Now we can finally start installing all the toys in the engine room with the goal of getting the engine running in the next month or two.