Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mast Head fittings, Winch Pads, and Boom

Some work from last weekend...

Finished the mast head assembly. I made it out of 1/2" plate with a mount for the Sat Compass, Airmar weather station, and anchor light:

I also fabricated the parts for the boom, which is pretty straightforward. It is set up for heavy lifting. The hardware for the (loose footed) sail will be bolted on later:

Here are some nice all stainless trailer winches that I found online for about $50 each (!).
I will use these to handle the down rigger pole up-haul lines. They seem to be very well made:

Fabricating the winch pads took a lot of trial and error, but I think they will work fine. The bigger winch on the back of the mast will handle the boom lift. With a four to one tackle, this should be just about the right size for lifting big stuff. The smaller winch on the side of the mast is for the halyard.

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