Monday, May 2, 2011


Back to the wheelhouse... we completed the first section of the passageway overhead, which is also the foundation for the settee in the wheelhouse. Since we have a 90 degree winding stairway from the wheelhouse to the lower decks, we thought it would be handy to have a soft patch (remove-able section of flooring) that would allow us to easily transfer large objects down below. I ended up making a 26"x48" hinged section that lifts up to provide access to the passageway below. With this done, I was able to move on to the console, and bolting up all the basic structure for the helm. After a lot of experimentation, I settled on what I think is the best spot for the wheel and engine controls. With those installed, it is definitely starting to look like a proper wheelhouse.


  1. From one builder to another I have to say how you impress me on what your getting done Peter. Good deal.

    Do you have a line on any used cowl vents similar in size to what your using on your for deck?


  2. Thanks Conall. That means a lot coming from a fellow boat builder. We're putting our current boat on the market this week so we are definitely going to try to accelerate the fit out in the coming months.

    Don't have a line on any cowl vents as big as ours but I'll keep my eyes open for you. I assume you want a pair?