Monday, May 2, 2011

Exhaust system work

We are trying to stick to projects that will make the boat operational for our launch which will hopefully happen sometime this year. So in that spirit, I have been working on the exhaust system. By coincidence, we are working on installing a new exhaust silencer on one of our ferries at Baylink. This is for one of the 3000 HP main engines so the scale is a "little" bigger than our boat. Back on our little project, I removed the top of the exhaust stack and fabricated the stubs that will connect via flanges to the rest of the onboard dry exhaust piping. The big pipe is for the main engine and the smaller pipes are for the future addition of a DC genset and a diesel furnace for heating. within the stack, each pipe will be bolted to a section of flexible pipe (called a bellows or wrinkle belly). These are accesible through the stack vents and will help to absorb any vibration, as well as expansion and contraction in the rest of the hard piping. Where the stubs come out of the top of the stack we will be adding some clamp on extensions in polished stainless to carry the exhaust up a little higher above the deck. In the pictures of the finished exhaust cap being painted, you can see the large silencer (that I salvaged from a ferry re-power) with a fresh coat of high temp paint. Still have some fabrication to do on the rest of the system in the exhaust trunk and engine room. More to come...

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