Monday, March 14, 2011

Engine room and exhaust trunk insulation

Finished a few little leftover insulation panels in the fwd main cabin. Now we have moved on to the exhaust trunk and engine room. I have been accumulating quite a big pile of equipment for the engine room and, since access will be more difficult once all this stuff is installed, I really need to concentrate my efforts on getting the engine room bulkheads insulated and covered first. I also have the exhaust system to fabricate and install and therefore need to have the exhaust trunk insulated for sound and heat from the stacks. I managed to knock out the exhaust trunk job in one day without too much grief, although it was a tight squeeze getting up inside to install the insulation. I went with one inch of Roxul rigid mineral wool panels (good thermal and sound insulation... fire proof too). I covered it with aluminum sheets and held the whole thing together with misc aluminum angles and flatbars. The 3/8" studs that I used to fasten everything down are welded to the exhaust trunk and will also be used to hang the exhaust piping. In the wheelhouse, the outside of the exhaust trunk will get covered with 3/4" Armaflex to further reduce the engine noise in the cabin. In the engine room, I have most of the necessary framing in place now. This will not only support the insulation and finished surface, it will also serve as mounting points for much of the bulkhead mounted equipment to be installed later. Most of the bulkheads will get 1/4" or 1/2" Armaflex, then 2-2.5" of Roxul mineral wool panels, then an aluminum facing to hold it all together. Then comes the fun part (for me anyway) of installing all the toys and related systems in the engine room.

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