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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Been very busy with work lately. Among other things... the ferry service that I work for has started a 14 month re-fit project on two of the ferries at a shipyard in Washington, and we are also bidding on a service contract to continue being the operator of the commuter ferries that we run. Also a myriad of other smaller projects that seem to be taking up most of my free time lately. Anyway, we've been doing a few things on the boat... mostly procurement of parts and supplies and more design work on the interior and systems. Our good friend Karen helped us get started on the forward insulation and I installed the last of the tanks - two water tanks in the aft cabin, tucked up under the swim step. I found a great deal on some very nice clear douglas fir planking. It has a regular t&g pattern on one side and a nice bead board detail on the other. I'm going to use the t&g side for the cabin liner (along the inside of the hull plate) with an oil finish, and the bead board side for the overhead (painted white or off-white). It's a big pile of wood and the plan is to pre-paint/pre-stain everything in full lengths before we install it on the boat.


  1. Hi,

    Just a friendly note to say that we picked up your blog and we're following your story of building Koloa at Keep up the great posts.

  2. HI

    I just notice that there is no insulation on the ship hull .

    Will you be using foam on it

  3. Hi Sue and Pete,
    Just checking in to see how things are coming a long.

    It's awesome!


  4. Hi Lindy. Nice to hear from you. Maybe we'll see you this summer?


  5. Jacques,

    Yes we are using Armaflex foam for the hull insulation. The pics in this post are of the forward cabin which we are still working on. If you go back a few posts, there is a more thorough explanation of the insulation that we are using and some pics.


  6. Trawler Blogs,

    Thanks for putting us up on your site. Thats a great collection of blogs...