Monday, September 27, 2010

Engine room/passageway bulkhead and subfloor

I've been working on finishing the engine room/passageway bulkhead and passageway subfloor for the past week or so. This is a key part of roughing out the interior as the passageway floor supports and the are anchored to this bulkhead. The top of this bulkhead forms a platform in the wheelhouse that will be the base for an L-shaped settee/dayberth. I made the bulkhead between the engine room and the passageway to the aft cabin by laminating two layers of 3/4" ply together and bolting them to steel angles that were welded to the wheelhouse floor framing at the top, and the 24" high longitudinal engine room bulkhead at the bottom. The pictures probably show it better than I can explain it... This plywood bulkhead will get fire resistant paint and insulation on the engine room side, and is sealed up watertight all the up way to the wheelhouse floor. Once the bulkhead was done, I moved on to the passageway subfloor. The floors are a tricky part of the design as they must have hatches incorporated to access all parts of the bilge. I think that in doing this first section of subfloor, I came up with a good system that goes together pretty quickly and I plan on using this type of construction for the subfloors throughout the boat. It starts with 2x3 wood nailers which are attached to the steel framing using the studs we welded on previously. On top of this, I use strips of 3/4 ply to frame out where we want hatches and provide support for the top layer of 3/4 ply. the plywood strips around the hatch openings also form the shoulder that the hatch rests on. When its all glued up and put together, it makes for a very solid floor. Next, I'll be installing some of the below deck tanks and continuing the subfloor into the aft cabin.

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