Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our First Overnight on the Hook

With our lovely early spring weather and no big projects in the works, we decided to do our first overnight at anchor. We headed up to one of our favorite spots on the Bay, China Camp. Its about 2 hours north of our harbor (at our slow and steady pace), and has a nice wide open anchorage- perfect for testing our anchoring gear for the first time. Everything worked great. The Rocna bit hard as soon as it hit the bottom, and the hydraulic winch had no problem pulling everything up the next morning. The Rocna anchor is about 120lbs and we have 300 ft of 3/8 high strength chain to play with, so we should be able to sleep well on the hook under most circumstances. Here's some pics, and a video which illustrates why we like this anchorage so much (when the weather is right).

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  1. Sorry if this is a repeat. I previously posted using my droid. As usual, it seems to have disappeared. Anyway...

    Congratulations! Must be a really nice feeling anchoring out for the first time after all your hard work. Really admirable! The epitome of the old American Spirit of hard work pays off. Nice to see it is still alive.