Monday, December 30, 2013

Fitting up galley and passageway flooring

Here's some progress pics from our holiday flooring project. Finished the mahogany framing for the deck hatches in the galley and passageway, and did all the cutting and fit up of the floor planks in these areas. These will be glued down with heavy duty polyurethane based flooring adhesive like the wheelhouse and companion-way stairs. I am trying to be very consistent with the continuity of the planking as it lays across hatches and trim work. As you can see from the pics, this is a very labor intensive process, but the final product with all the flush trimmed hatches is pretty neat looking. Once the floor is down, I'll go back and put a clear finish on the mahogany hatch coamings. I expect that they will stay fairly light and provide a nice contrast with the dark reds and browns in the floor. The galley and passageway planks are just dry fit so next work day we'll pull them back up in sections and do the final glue down.

As with most big scale projects, I'm running across all kinds of little finish projects along the way that need to be completed first. Here's a couple of pictures of one of our latest... storage for pots and pans under the stove. Found this slide out wire rack at a local home improvement store. Just the right size and an easy bolt in installation. Another cardboard box temporary storage solution bites the dust.

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