Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finishing wheelhouse wiring and overhead panels

Worked this last weekend on wiring up the wiper motors and defroster fan in the wheelhouse. I also cleaned up the overhead wiring enough that I felt like I could close up the space with finished panels and not worry about it for a while. I went with flat black laminate over 1/2" plywood for the access panels to keep them light and to minimize the glare. There are three of these access panels, and each has a defroster vent centered over the window below. The fan coil unit in the overhead that feeds the vents is plumbed into the diesel furnace hydronic circuit. This will provide heat for de-fogging the windows either from the furnace, or from the engine cooling circuit (via a heat exchanger) when the engine is running. There are three settings on the blower, the highest of which draws 10 amps and puts out a lot of air. I'm feeling pretty good about where we are at with the wheelhouse console/helm/electronics package. That part of the boat is ready to go cruising...

We have begun collecting supplies and materials for the big winter job, which will be laying down the floors. I am going to start in the wheelhouse and work my way down the stairs to the galley, etc. The challenge with the floors will be the complicated shapes in the winding stairwell, and the 22 hatches (and a soft-patch in the wheelhouse deck) that all need to be framed out individually before the flooring goes down. I have this all pretty well thought out at this point. We'll see if it goes together as easily in the real world as it does in my head.


  1. I like your comment " ready to go cruising". It's 15 degrees here this morning.

    Looking good.


  2. Thanks Conall. Wow 15 degrees already? Bet your glad to be all buttoned up and working inside for your build. We still haven't really seen winter here on the west coast. Sunny and mid to upper 60s every day... Your boat is looking great. Nice to see her all assembled. Looks like a lot of interior space for her length.