Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Finish Work

Most of our effort so far on the interior has been geared towards getting the interior to a "rough-in" stage so we can get all the systems, plumbing, electrical, etc. installed prior to the launch later this year. However, doing things over is a big time sink on a project like this, so I am doing all the finish work on the wheelhouse helm and the main electrical cabinet face frame so I can hook up electrical, instruments and controls and not have to remove everything to do the finish work in these areas later down the line. I'm midway through this finish work now, but here are some pics of the progress so far. Hopefully next post will be the finished products. The helm console and electrical cabinet face frame will be covered in Lyptus veneer (more on that in the next post). The helm console top is black formica laminate. I am cutting all the trim work from a batch of old mahogany lumber that we found out in west Marin. A last minute addition to the console was a neat flip-up section with storage underneath. Sue convinced me that this would be handy and worth the extra work. I think she is right...

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