Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finishing aft cabin sub-floor

Finished the aft cabin sub-floor with all access hatches cut and framed out. With everything "glued and screwed", the floor in the aft cabin has really stiffened up and feels very solid to walk on. This area was a challenge because there wasn't much room above the integral fuel tanks for framing and we had to watch the height of the floor structure or we would lose too much headroom. The system that we came up with worked well with just enough support and not too much structure underneath to get in the way of the tanks. We also installed the Black Water tank which fit up well. I'm getting the hang of laying out and installing access hatches for below deck areas that we need to get to for inspections and systems installation.  Sue has been doing some prep and painting on the hatches and watertight doors. Next we'll be moving on to the forward cabin sub-floor. Nice to get some "walking around room". 

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