Monday, August 30, 2010

Engine prep and port side ports

Finished prepping the engine for install. Engine mounting brackets are finished, painted , and installed. I built a lifting rig for the engine/gearbox combo that should give us plenty of maneuverability when we go to swing the engine into place We need to pick it over the aft deck, through the aft wheelhouse door, over to the the center line, and down through the wheelhouse floor into the engine room. I did a dry run with the forklift and lifting boom and it looks like all should go as planned for the install. Sue and I installed the port side port lights on Sunday. After doing the stbd side ports, the week before, we assumed that the port side would go easier... not exactly the case with this job. Don't know if the fit up wasn't as good or what, but it took quite a few more choice expletives to get the port side installed. definitely looks sharp though...

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