Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wheelhouse and deck hardware

Have been spending a lot of time lately finishing the fabrication of deck parts including bitts (for tying lines to), fairleads (to lead lines to the bitts), and louver panels for ventilation intakes and exhaust. These parts are all made from 316L stainless steel which holds up very well to the marine environment. It is also a very hard alloy and difficult to work. After trying a few different techniques, I settled on a "brushed" finish on all these stainless parts. I ran everything through the bead blast cabinet, then polished with a wire brush wheel. I think it came out pretty nice. Not nearly as much work as polishing to a mirror finish on the buffer, and I like the look... not as flashy as a full polish. Jesus cut out the wheelhouse window and door openings. What a difference! The layout worked really well and the view from the helm will be outstanding. I also scribed all the porthole openings in the hull, which we have started cutting out. Nice to get some light into the interior. 

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