Monday, April 12, 2010

Names and Paint?

So, we'd like to get some input on a couple of names for the boat. We'll be documenting the vessel with the US Coast Guard and need to make a decision soon... the obvious one is "Koloa", which is the name we were thinking of when we started this blog. Its the name of a native Hawaiian duck. Since our boat design is based on the Diesel Duck line of Troller Yachts designed by George Buehler, it seems to fit. The other one we have been thinking of is "Kama Hele", which means traveller in Hawaiian. It has a nice ring and we like the translation.
Here are some pictures of some different paint ideas we've been playing with. Let us know what you think... The last one is compliments of Sam. If you have any input on names or paint schemes, send them to Sue at:


  1. I like the paint job in the top picture: the brown and orange. If a Koloa happens to be those colors, I'd go with that name, but otherwise I really like Kama Hele. Kama Hele would be especially appropriate if, say, your boat was ever abducted by aliens...

  2. Here's some other names:

    Malana - means Buoyant, light; to move along together in Hawaiian


    Keeaola - means breath of life in Hawaiian


    Konane - Bright moonlight, to shine in Hawaiian

    Fun to see the photos! I hadn't check in for awhile. I'm in awe!

  3. Hey, it cut off the first part of my comment. I must have had too many returns. I like the top one, brown (or mossy green) and orange, then I like the blue one second.