Monday, May 3, 2010

Dorades and Bulkhead Penetrations

Finished the Dorade boxes for the forward deck. These are basically water traps that allow you to keep ventilation open in all but the most extreme conditions. I made ours out of 3/16" welded steel plate with a 1/4" bolt on cover. They are welded inside and out to the deck and the deck penetration is a 6" steel pipe. They are probably ridiculously overbuilt but we certainly don't have to worry about them being blown off the deck by a wall of green water. I also came up with a pretty cool mechanism for closing them off completely from inside the boat. I'll include some pics of that once I get it put together. Also completed all the bulkhead penetrations for wiring, plumbing and such. Once all the wiring and plumbing is run through these, they will be filled with a fire-stopping watertight sealant that will maintain the integrity of our watertight bulkheads. 

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