Monday, May 31, 2010

Odds and Ends

Here's some pictures of a few odds and ends we've been working on while we wait to start the paint prep. Looks like next week sometime for that. We will be painting the interior first but before that job, we have to get all the framing that is welded to the hull cut free. I found a pretty good deal on ten very heavy used boatyard stands. A few will need to be cut down to fit under the chine midships, but they should support the hull quite well while we paint (and allow me to sleep at night when the wind is blowing). We should have enough support so that we can move the stands in pairs as we paint the hull to get everything coated. Since we will not be putting up the sail rig right away, I am fabricating a temporary mast at the back of the wheelhouse to hold our antennas, radar, etc. Should have that done this week. Also on the list is fabricating some kind of deck shower (hot and cold freshwater) and a salt water wash-down mount on the transom for use on the swim step. A stainless hose bib will be fine for the wash-down, but the shower arrangement will require a bit of engineering. There are some commercial transom shower set-ups made out of plastic but, like most ready made stuff out there, they just don't seem that durable. I will probably end up building some kind of utility box with a cover built into the transom to house this stuff. Also had a visit from our friends and neighbors at Galilee Harbor. Always nice to get some encouragement to keep forging ahead...

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