Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here's some recent pictures that show the current "state of the project"...
Finally finished all the fuel tank plumbing. We designed it to be all hard-piped with flexible connections at the fill, return, and supply manifolds. This was a lot of work and took a lot longer than we anticipated. The end result of all this crazy plumbing is in the pictures of the aft deck where you can see the fuel containment set-up, with all fuel vents and master fill pipe terminating at the aft deck behind the wheelhouse. I made up a lightweight anchor mock-up so we could experiment with different anchor roller geometry. The roller assembly will be welded up from some very heavy 3/4" by 6" 316 stainless flat-bar stock, so we have to get this right the first time. should be putting the real thing together in the next week or so. Had a visit from our friends John and Kari from Seattle. They drove us all over the Seattle area last year looking at boat designs. Nice to see them again. Also Casey from CS Marine lent us some boat stands so we can start cutting off the welded hull supports and get the plating cleaned up for paint.  Thanks again Casey...


  1. I am curious how you get the rust out, sand it all down before painting, or the paint is industrial grade stuff so it doesn't matter...?

    But all in all, that is a lot of progress my friend! I love seeing the pictures and reading the updates... Great Job so Far :)


  2. Thanks Tom. All the steel was wheel-abraded and pre-primed with a zinc based weld through primer (although this primer is starting to show its age). The plan is to use a combination of mechanical prep and spot-blasting to prep the areas that were laid bare by grinding, welding, wear and tear, etc. This will be followed by multiple coats of 235 bars-rust type marine epoxy which is an industry standard 2 part marine coating, followed by a top coat of finish paint. Thanks for keeping up with our little project... -PB