Tuesday, January 5, 2016


We lost our longtime companion and crew member last night. She got sick about a month ago, and despite our best efforts she went downhill quick in the last week. LC (Little Cat) became part of our family in early 2002, Starting life as a stray, she quickly adapted to life on the water and lived on-board with us for almost 14 years. She logged thousands of miles underway on our old boat (Seabird) and traveled by boat with us as far North as Prince Rupert, British Columbia. She always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places, but also seemed perfectly happy to just find a nice sunny spot to stretch out in, or a lap to lounge on. She kept our boat free of four legged intruders of all sizes and was known to catch and eat the occasional bug that found it's way on board. LC was a good boat cat and she will be missed.

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