Monday, June 10, 2013

Cleaning out the forepeak and some aft cabin trim

I have decided that it is time for my guitars to come home. I kind of made this a necessity by reserving a slot for myself and some old bandmates at this years Maritime Day Celebration in Sausalito this August. Must practice... We started by clearing out a years worth of misc wood cutoffs, insulation, surplus electronics, and all kinds of other boat building stuff that had been living in the forepeak. I should have taken a "before" picture, but I was too wrapped up in the clean up to pick up the camera. Trust me, it was a mess. Once the space was empty, we finished out the floor where the chine meets the side-shell, and roughed in some shelves for storage. I had to do cardboard templates for everything- lots of strange shapes and compound angles at the pointy end of the boat. The end result is lots of room for guitars and other music stuff, a place for my wife's massage table, and still space leftover. We'll have to get back in there to build a ladder to the overhead hatch and do some finish paint, but for now I'm happy with where we're at in the forepeak. Also moving along with the aft cabin cabinets. Added the trim for all the cabinet openings that I put in last week, and finished off a tricky little piece of carpentry that covers the bit of exposed transom steps near the overhead. Next up is to measure the openings for drawers and cabinet doors. Sue will be very happy when thats done. Also, for no particular reason, here's a picture of our cat sporting a stainless butterfly vent. We don't have TV so she sometimes has to fill in for our entertainment onboard.

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