Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day weekend

Well, I spent my Labor Day weekend doing a lot of labor on the boat. After spending most of last weekend installing the hydraulic steering pump for the auto pilot (got to do this job twice because of some initial bad info from the manufacturer regarding acceptable orientation for the pump) I decided to unpack the cabinet parts for the galley and do some carpentry. Due to time issues (I'm running out of it) the best course for us was to order ready to assemble cabinets with face frames, doors, and drawer fronts all complete and ready for finish. After a LOT of measuring and checking we finalized the order from Conestoga and took delivery last week. The big advantage for us (besides having most of the work already done) is that they come flat packed and are therefore very easy to get into the boat. Even with the pre-fab nature of these cabinets, there was still plenty of custom work to do to make everything fit into the curves and cambers that go along with a boat interior. There was also a lot of wiring and plumbing stuff to button up prior to installing the base cabinets. I am very pleased with the results so far. Next week, I'll be fitting up the final long overhead cabinet that runs athwartships (port to stbd) and divides the galley from the sitting area. This one will be a challenge to fit up to the compound cambered overhead. Also need to decide on countertop material and get that ordered. Then with the install of the sink and final drain line and water plumbing, we should have a working galley when we move onboard.

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  1. Looks great - glad to see you were busy this weekend & not just sitting in front of the TV.