Tuesday, August 21, 2012

plumbing and more lighting

After a lot of planning and measuring (see first pic), we ordered our galley cabinets. With the timeline that we're on, it just didn't pencil out for us to set up shop and start building cabinets, face frames, and doors so we ordered the basic galley cabinet components online. We expect to get the order sometime next week. I'll hold off on naming the supplier until we see what the product looks like. We went with Lyptus which is a hybrid wood product that is sustainably produced and looks like a cross between mahogany and teak. I still have a big batch of Lyptus veneer so it made sense to stick with the same for the galley cabs. If you go back and look at pics of our wheelhouse console you can see what the Lyptus looks like finished out. I like it. Most of the interior is now buttoned up with the exception of the aft part of the aft cabin, against the transom - still doing lots of wiring and plumbing back there. We installed a nice set of reading lights in the fwd sitting area and in the aft cabin. These are led lights from Alpenglow and seem to be of very good quality and comparable to halogens in brightness. Nice warm color too. Dave continues to help us push the plumbing forward every weekend, and we are almost complete on all of the 1.5" grey water and black water plumbing. We have also started in on the Pex plumbing install for the potable water and have the aft water tanks plumbed. Once you get rolling with this stuff, it goes very fast. Still hoping to launch in October with all major systems operational... Still lots to do...


  1. Peter, you mentioned you hired a Naval Architect. Did he spec out the mechanical systems or is that your speciality at the ferry? I wondering, with respect to the plumbing, how you know how to run the pipe and where you need this fitting or that fitting. Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks! Our naval architect just did the bare hull modelling and calcs for tankage, stability, etc. Design and install of systems and interior was all on us.
      I've been fortunate to be involved in a lot of shipyard repair, refit, and new construction projects for the ferries. Learned a lot from some very good engineers and craftsmen along the way.