Monday, July 2, 2012

Time to prioritize

It's looking like our current vessel (Seabird) will be sold at the end of July leaving us without a permanent home until we get the new boat finished and launched. With that in mind we have set a target of early October to have Kama Hele in the water. We are pouring about as many hours as we have available into meeting that goal, and of course life and work still go on... its going to be a very busy summer. I don't expect to have everything completed by then, but we do want to have the "big stuff" done so we can move right onboard after the launch. Sue and I are working on a priority work list to keep us focused on items that are either: necessary for the operation and livability of the boat (running water, operational waste water systems, house electrical, and things that make the boat go), or that would be difficult to accomplish back at our home dock. I don't relish the idea of carting 4x8 sheets of plywood and big pieces of machinery down the 500 feet of ramps and docks that lead to our slip. If I start posting about window shades or making up fancy wood trim, shoot me a comment and remind me to "get focused!" This last weeks projects included some more wheelhouse electronics installs (murphy alarm panel for engine and bilge level alarms, and batteries for emergency wheelhouse back-up power). Also spent a day wrestling with what I hope will be that last of the big plywood cabin bulkheads. These are for the fwd head (to port) and the fwd cabin (to stbd). The last pic is of the likely placement of a tv in the aft master cabin... I know this doesn't meet the criteria above, but is necessary in order to finish the bulkheads that form the aft head (and we definitely need a working bathroom by the end of September). The bulkhead shown (with the cardboard tv cut-out) will have a void between the bedroom and the shower on the other side so that the tv can be recessed all the way into the wall. The limited space between the end of the bed and the bathroom bulkhead makes this the only solution for placing a tv here. Otherwise we would be banging into the monitor every time we walked past the bed. Even with a relatively large boat like this, as you reach the finish stage it becomes more and more a "battle for inches". -PB


  1. The only problem I see with recessing a TV is will you be able to buy the same size TV to fit in the recess ?

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Hi Bill,

    Thought about that... The current plan is to cutout an opening in the bulkhead that is the same size as the screen and frame it in with some trim. The tv would be installed behind the bulkhead (from the side) into a six inch deep void between the bulkhead facing the bed, and the interior shower wall bulkhead. Most 32" inch screens are standardized in size, its the bezel and case that vary. This arrangement would allow plenty of room for different tvs as long as they were the standard 32" size screen. We'll have to fabricate some kind of side loading bracket to hold the tv and a way to vent the space, but that should be pretty easy I think. Famous last words...


  3. Peter,
    Nothing is ever easy on a boat. LOL

    Looks like you are making good progress.

    Bill Kelleher

  4. Hi

    I have found a drop down tv from the ceiling . That may be a solution to the problem .

  5. Smirk,

    Thats pretty slick. We have a similar (though much cruder, manual set-up on our current boat above the master bunk. Layout in our new master cabin may not allow it, but that type of design might be useful up forward where we are still trying to find a place for a video monitor. Thanks for the link.


  6. Congrats on the sale.