Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick update...

Lots of different projects going right now . Heres a quick update... Did some surgery on the wheelhouse console to add room for bilge pump switches below the main distribution panel. Just couldn't find another good place for these so, out came the jigsaw. Also cut out for a Murphy alarm panel that will be wired to bilge and engine alarms. Added wiper switches and horn button to the main instrument panel too. In the aft stateroom, we did some rough carpentry and framing on the master closet and bathroom. The head was particularly challenging due to the rise in the bottom plating in this corner of the boat. Getting the floor and toilet platform in was a mind bender (nothing straight or square to work with). Plumbing is also ongoing with more work on the sewage and gray water piping which is all 1.5" ABS with hose at the connections to the heads, pumps, and tanks. This should help keep everything relatively odor free as the hard pipe is very good at containing smells. I've been doing lots of engine room work and I've kind of lost track of all the projects there, so I included some pics showing general engine room progress.