Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Electrical

Shore power is now operational so I was able to make the final hookups for the inverter and power everything up. Happy to say that everything is working as it should. Shore power is run through an isolation transformer which was pretty simple to set up and can be configured for european voltage if we ever find ourselves on that side of the globe. The Gel Cells have been sitting around since late winter with no charging and they do indeed have a very slow discharge rate as they were still reading almost 13 volts before powering up the battery charger. Our system is configured around a Victron Inverter Charger which will supply up to 3000 watts of clean AC power from the batteries when disconnected from shore power. When the boat is plugged in at the dock, the Victron shuts off the inverter function, passes the AC shore power through to our electrical distribution onboard, and operates as a 120 amp battery charger for the house battery bank. The white unit to the right of the Victron is a back up 25 amp battery charger. The front of the electrical cabinet houses a lower panel with main disconnects and breakers for all of our panel feeds and inverter. Above that will be the AC and DC panels for the main living spaces below decks. Need to build a hinged frame for that... Next up is running the panel feeds for the engine room and wheelhouse. Also did some more exhaust fabrication work and found time for some fishing. The Sturgeon seem to have eluded us this year...

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