Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aft Cabin Ceiling

Put up most of the aft cabin ceiling with wiring and overhead lights. Lighting is LED in recessed fixtures and controlled by a master dimmer/switch. When on full brightness, all the overheads are drawing a total of about 1.2 amps at 12 volts... very low draw for lighting. We're pleased with the look of the beadboard and the install was pretty straightforward. I decided to stuff the airspace between the Armacell foam and the panelling with mineral wool. This will add further sound and thermal insulation as well as help hold the Armacell in place in case the glue ever decides to let go. The exposed frames will be covered by mahogany trim so the look will be similar to a traditional wooden boat interior. Also threw in a couple of exterior pictures. Not much changed except that we are starting to clear away all the stuff from around the boat in preparation for a crane lift into the water sometime in the near future.

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