Monday, August 9, 2010

Wheelhouse Windows and Doors

Lots going on this week... we've been installing windows and doors in the wheelhouse (the forklift made for a great elevator for getting everything delivered up to the deck). Currently they are all in, though some are only being held in by a dozen or so bolts until I can get around to installing the rest of the fasteners. Everything is bedded with a butyl rubber tape that comes in a roll with a paper backing. This stuff is great. It stays pliable, adheres well to everything (but not your hands), and stays soft indefinitely. Much cleaner and easier to work with than liquid caulking compounds. You can see some of the squeeze out in some of the pictures. This trims off easily with a putty knife. Our goal is to get the boat secure and weather-tight before we install the engine. I've also begun framing in the wood nailers for the wheelhouse floor. This is what all those welded on studs are for and the system seems to work pretty well. I'm using 2 by 3 lumber for the framing/nailers and two layers of 5/8" ply for the floor. There will be a large soft-patch (a "semi-permanently secured" hatch opening) in the wheelhouse floor for lowering the engine into place. I also have begun to set up a little workshop up forward for doing our interior framing. Once we had all the doors and windows in place it became apparent rather quickly that we need a latch to keep the side door from banging around in the ever present summer-time wind up here. I found this nifty little latch at Newfound Metals (the same folks that supplied our soon to be installed stainless opening ports. It has a spring loaded rubber bumper and a nice heavy catch with a big release paddle on top. Very nicely designed and highly recommended. -PB

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