Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ready to put up frames and bulkheads

A few picks from our progress this week... Stern tube has been tacked in place and lined up perfectly. All the frames and bulkheads are now finished and the stem is tacked in place. Jesus made a scaffold from our scrap pile. This will be set up straddling the keel to provide a platform for handling the frames and bulkheads as they go into place. Today we did a test run with the bulkhead at station #9 (9 feet back from the stem - or forward part of the hull). Really gives an idea of the scale of the boat. This bulkhead will form the forward wall of Sams cabin. In front of this will be a storage area, then another full watertight bulkhead (known as a collision bulkhead) just behind the stem at station #3. #9 will probably be the first to go in next week.

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