Sunday, July 19, 2015

A few new projects

We scored an excellent set of used steamer chairs on Craigslist, with cushions and a bonus bench. Spent a day cleaning them up and doing some minor repairs to the hardware. Much more comfortable that our old plastic lawn furniture. The bench was part of the package and it actually turned out to be a great addition to the back deck (with a little Skill-saw modification to the legs to fit the camber of the deck):

We pulled our old trusty kayaks out of storage and will be making some custom cradles fro them so they can live on the forward deck in front of the wheelhouse:

I've been adding some rigging to our mast for lifting and future sail control for the aft boom. In the next couple of months, we're going to be working on solar panels for the wheelhouse roof (starting with figuring out what we can fit up there), and building the aft davit system for storing and launching a dinghy:


  1. love this projects! I'm wanting to build a 55 also and you mentions way back when that you had a cutting disc prepared and all the parts cut. George Buehler has always said that was very expensive and I'm wondering How expensive it the disc available for use or sale...or what naval architect produced it and what did they charge? thanks. Joel from Virginia

  2. Hello Joel. We had a professional Naval Architect friend do this part of the work for us. I don't recall the cost off-hand- it was wrapped into some other work we were doing together. The cut files were sent to a steel yard in Oregon, and for the most part, we found the parts turned out very accurate, with only some minor modifications needed here and there.
    I believe that I do still have the cut files kicking around somewhere... of course you would have to buy the full set of plans from Buehler too. If you want to discuss further, perhaps you could provide an email where I could reach you directly.


    1. sure, Peter, would like to talk further. I'm at thanks.