Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some loose ends

With the boat back at home, there were quite a few loose ends to tie up. The biggest job was sorting out all the wiring coming out of the mast and running it to the interior of the boat. This took a few days to get all the wires to the right places inside, and terminated at the electrical panel, helm, and overhead console:

I also added the final brackets for the ladder which now feels very secure going up and down from the crows nest:

The view is fantastic:

So now everything works! antennas have great reception mounted up high with heavy duty coax, radar is hooked up and operational again, hailer horns (both PA and "listen features) work great, and all the electrical connections for nav lights, deck lights, etc are working. The hailer that we are using has an intercom function so I mounted a remote station in a box up on the crows nest railing  This allows easy communication with the wheelhouse and sound quality with the hard wired connection is very good compared to a wireless radio or handheld vhf:

Still tweaking the lines and rigging but I did add a couple of cleats at the base of the mast for securing the boom lift and the halyard. I'm working on some propane tank brackets too. More on that next time:

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