Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mast and down rigger install

We spent Thursday though Easter Sunday up at Mare Island getting the aft rig installed. Most everything went as planned and we got all the critical stuff done. Welding up the stainless pads for the down rigger hinges to the hull was a lot of work and required removal of the interior back to bare steel in four different places to ensure that we didn't catch the boat on fire when welding on the hull plating. In the end we got it done (thanks to the late sunset this time of year) but that was a very long day. Of course this leaves a host of minor details to complete, but after so many months looking at everything horizontally it's great to finally see it all standing up. I'm very pleased with how it looks. I think the the whole rig seems to fit the boat well and doesn't seem out of scale or out of place on deck. Next weekend will be spent at our home dock routing all the wiring into the wheelhouse, hooking up all the electronics and antennas, and completing the rigging. I also need to reinforce the ladder with a couple of more brackets so I can spend some time up in the crows nest enjoying the view.


  1. Nice looking. What do you figure it weighs? Is it true that having the mass aloft will help with stability?


  2. I figure we are a between 350 and 400 lbs all up - including downriggers. There was a cold front moving through on our trip home so we saw 25 kt wind and 3-4 ft short steep seas with a few rain squalls on the way home. Everything felt very solid. Won't know for sure how the roll rate and general comfort level of the boat is until we get outside in some real ocean swell, but I expect that we will have a pretty comfortable motion with the rig in bigger seas. -PB