Saturday, October 1, 2011

Engine Plumbing, Etc.

Just realized that I haven't posted in almost three weeks. Been very busy with work. A trip to Seattle to visit one of the Baylink Ferries in the shipyard, a big dredging project at our main ferry terminal, and lots of other work related type stuff has kept me very busy lately and the month has just flown by... Most of my efforts with our new boat lately have been focused on projects to get the engine/propulsion ready to run. Unfortunately a lot of this involves design, fabrication, and installation that is very time consuming and not particularly interesting to photograph or talk about. This kind of stuff really is the heart of the boat though, and will be key to the reliability and safety of the boat down the line. So, heres some pics of some projects I've been wrestling with (literally in some cases): finishing the main fuel fill and vent plumbing, designing our keel cooling circuit and fabricating the plumbing for that, and final mounting for isolation transformer for shore power. Next week, we plan on removing the exhaust system (currently tacked and hung in place temporarily) and completing the final welding and hanger installation on the pipe work and silencer. A lot of work goes into the drystack exhaust design and installation up front, but this should pay off in low maintenance (compared to wet exhaust) in the future.


  1. The mechanical stuff is what I like to read about.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for following.

    The big push now is to get the main engine operational, so lots of mechanical stuff coming up in the next few weeks.