Saturday, September 10, 2011

Forward Cabin Ceilings

Most of the past couple of weeks have been spent installing the mid and forward cabin overhead planking, electrical and lighting. We're using the same beadboard that we used in the aft cabin. Pretty straightforward, but a lot of square footage and a lot of lights to install. Like the aft cabin, we are using LED lighting and some nice fixtures that we got on closeout special from IMTRA. Galley/dinette and sitting area are on dimmers which work very well. The dimmers, along with most of our other lighting stuff, is from Jeff at MarineBeam. He’s been very helpful and I definitely recommend them. Last weekend we brought our cat up for a visit. It took here about 10 minutes to find a way to crawl under the floor into the bilges and that where she stayed for the first 6 hours or so. Eventually she came out and once she got used to the sounds and smells of the new boat she settled right in.
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