Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Engine room insulation finished

Engine room is basically finished as far as insulation and covering. We have 1/2" Armaflex sheet covered with 2" rigid mineral wool board and faced with aluminum jacket material. Came out pretty nice looking and should be bright and easy to clean. Now we can finally start installing all the toys in the engine room with the goal of getting the engine running in the next month or two.


  1. Hi

    I don't see a generator , how do you plan on charging the house batteries at anchor . will you be using the engine to recharge them .

  2. Cousa22,

    Our boat is basically set up for DC based power onboard with an inverter for AC and hydraulics for the big loads (like anchor and deck winches). All lighting, electronics, and pumps will be DC. Still working on a plan for refrigeration, but will probably go with a high efficiency DC system for that as well.

    For now, we plan on using a high output alternator (200-250 amps) on the main engine to charge the house bank. Future plans include wind and solar inputs to the charging system and a small diesel powered DC generator for topping off the batteries without running the main. Which equipment we get first kind of depends on what turns up in our hunt for good used or salvage gear. Most of what we have gotten for equipment so far has been good solid commercial grade stuff that I have been able to fix or refurbish... this is working well for us as I definitely have more time than money right now (although time is in short supply too lately).


  3. Thanks for info appreciate it

  4. Hey i think it is necessary to maintain the temperature. as energy consumption is more and the bill getting higher numbers, good insulation is must, This helps alot...