Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aft cabin insulation finished

Well mostly... still a few little spots to finish. The difference is dramatic. We can heat the space nicely with a small electric heater and the resonance of the hull is significantly reduced so it is much quieter now. We now have the fwd part of the boat cleaned and prepped for the insulation install. Its over twice as big as the aft cabin, but now that we have developed a system for installing this stuff, it will hopefully go a little faster. Did a stove top flame test last week with a piece of scrap and this insulation is indeed self extinguishing. Nice to know.


  1. Nice looking job. Are you wrapping around the frames or using three pieces? The pictures suggests three pieces.


  2. Thanks. We experimented with a few different techniques in the aft cabin and settled on the following:

    1)The frames are covered with two 5" strips of 1/4" (one on each side) that are notched to fit the longitudinals.

    2)Longitudinals are wrapped with a single piece of 1/4".

    3)flats of 3/4" are fitted into the spaces between longs and frames.

    4)Exposed frame edges (and anywhere we screwed up)is covered with 2" armaflex tape.

    I took a break to do some fuel plumbing but we'll be starting the fwd cabin this weekend.


  3. It's all looking sweet, very sweet!