Monday, October 25, 2010

More main cabin floors

More work on the main cabin floors this weekend. This is where the galley, sitting room, Sams cabin, forward head, etc will be located. Its a pretty big area and there are some floor elevation changes due to the tankage and the way the boat sweeps up to the bow. The first three frames forward of the engine room will be the galley and dinette. We were originally going to have the dinette forward of the galley on the same side, but after playing around with a measuring tape we decided that it would be too tight for a four person dinette ahead of the galley. So the plan is now to use a 90 degree stairway from the wheelhouse instead of a straight ladder. This will allow us to put the dinette at the same level as the galley, directly opposite, on the starboard side. It is a compromise on the larger straight stairs we originally had in mind, but a big improvement on our layout down below. I've done a lot of drawing and doodling for this project but there's still no substitute for mocking things up life size in the actual space. Ahead of the galley area, there is a step up in elevation that will access the sitting room which will be about 6 by 12 feet. Forward of this will be Sam's cabin to starboard and a small day head to port. The galley area sub-floor is done and I've started to frame out the sitting room floor. Also have to build foundation for the forward tanks and get them installed before I deck over this area. 


  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the kind words on your visit to my site. I'm a big Duck fan and a bigger fan of the model your building. I'm a couple of years from launch so I'm pretty sure I'll be following you and your family in. I'm a daily visitor to your site since your moving along so fast and there is always good updates.

    What are you doing about toilets?



  2. Conall,

    I'm going with Sealand Vacuum Flush system. We bought all the components last year when we saw a good price. We live aboard full time on our current boat and have been using this type of system for many years with very few troubles. The only regular maintenance item is the duckbill check valves on either side of the pump body, and these are very easy to change out if you set up the plumbing correctly (so you can have empty hoses on either side of the pump). They also use very little water, don't smell, and don't clog easily. For midsize boats like ours, I highly recommend them.

    I see that you are in Ohio... what are your plans for launch and where do you plan on cruising?


  3. I'm a few miles from the Ohio River. We'll do the river for a few years until we downsize, then plan to head south. Gulf of Mexico,Western Caribbean. Wish list would be Sea of Cortez, Alaska, Tonga. I want to catch a Halibut as big as me.

    Glad to hear a firm point of view on toilets. I'm still debating. I've got infrastructure in place to lift to a 90 gallon black water tank. I'd always planned on macerating units, but I've been considering composting. Never really thought of vacuum but I just went to Sea land site so now I've got that to consider. I think the key to holding tanks is good ventilation... keep things aerobic. We're going to have two toilets on board... one above for day use, one below for the cabins. Can one service two toilets with one vacuum pump? Does the vacuum pump reside in the holding tank area? I've got 1 1/2" sch. 40 for my waste transport lines.

    I think the way I found your site was a blog about your current boat.