Monday, November 16, 2009

Anchor winch, etc.

We found a very stout deck winch for the boat this week. Boats, one of our neighbors at Galilee Harbor, was looking to sell his winch and its just what we were looking for in terms of size and construction (big and heavy). It was probably built about 30 years ago. It's hydraulic with an oil bath chain drive. I disassembled it a couple of days ago and am now looking for a rebuild kit for the hydraulic motor, which needs new seals and bearings. If I cant find a kit, we'll have to go with a new hydraulic motor.  The plan now is to get the parts all cleaned up and send them to the galvanizer for a hot dipped zinc coating. Then we'll reassemble the winch and load it up with 300 feet of 3/8 high test anchor chain. Still working on the design for the anchor roller.

Also finished the fabrication work on all the bitts. Looks like a lot for a boat this size when they are all sitting on the palette but they will all have a necessary spot on deck for tying up the boat, towing, being towed, etc. Final welding on these will be a good indoor "rainy day" job.

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  1. I am enjoying watching your boat get built. It seems you are not the only ones building in the Bay area. Check it out: