Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hull plating completed

Well, not completely done... but all the plates are now hung and tacked in place. There is still a lot of production welding to do to finish all the seams, but the boat has really taken shape. Jesus and his crew got a lot done this last week. Now that the boat is closed up, we'll be hanging lights and setting up ventilation for the rest of the interior welding. Found some clean galvanized steel tapered light poles that have the right dimension and wall thickness for our masts at a local salvage yard last week. We weren't planning on getting to the masts and rigging yet, but if these work out, it's too good of a deal to pass up. We'll be looking at these again this week. Also started doing the fabrication work on the bitts, which will be made up of two 3" schedule 40 stainless steel pipes connected by a 1" solid stainless round bar. Planning on having 4 of these double bitts on each side of the boat and two singles on the swim step... I hate not having enough proper cleats on a boat. I'll put up some pictures of these next week. I have to give Jesus Romero and his crew another plug here... If you have any welding jobs, from small fabrication work to building a boat give him a call (925-550-0518). Jesus is striking out on his own as "Romero's Welding" and he is currently taking jobs here in the Bay Area. A fine craftsman and great guy to work with... give him a call. You can also contact us through this blog and we'll get you in touch.

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